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Maud Taber-Thomas teaches drawing and paintings classes at the Yellow Barn Studio at Glen Echo in Bethesda, Maryland. She is also a teaching artist at in the Drawing Salon and Virtual Studio programs at the National Gallery of Art.

Please see below for a selection of classes and click the links for more info and to sign up!

Charcoal Drawing from Photos



Create a black and white masterpiece in this energetic and satisfying workshop! Students use photographs of their choice to draw luminous and impressive compositions. Discussions and demos on composition, value, and charcoal application. All skill levels.

Mastering the Art of Color Mixing Workshop

OCTOBER 14 - OCTOBER 15, 2023

Arcade Building, Glen Echo Park

Have your mind blown by the astonishing properties of color In this life-changing and practical oil painting workshop! Gain a new understanding of color interactions and learn about specific paint colors through color studies of master paintings and still lifes. All experience levels.

Portrait Painting from Photos Week

OCTOBER 23 - OCTOBER 27, 2023

Yellow Barn Studio at Glen Echo Park

Create a beautiful portrait from a photo of your choice in this fun and intensive oil painting workshop. Instruction will be given on taking photos for portraits, composition, anatomy, creating a likeness, and mixing flesh tones. All experience levels.

Contemplative Flower Painting Workshop



Do you love flowers but find them intimidating to paint? In this oil painting class, learn to simplify and understand flowers while creating a joyful painting from a simple flower arrangement. We will explore composition, light and shadow, and color. All skill levels.

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